Our rules

Below are the rules to order a website, and also the rules we promise to adhere to if you become one of our customers.
After you have asked us for a quote and you need to do the following:

  • First you need to apply for webhosting (and a domain name if you wish, we recommend IFastNet for your webhosting, you can also get a free .tk of .cu.cc domain through us).
  • When you order you need to give us the login details for your hosting so we can upload your files while we build your site.
  • You also need to let us know your desires regarding colours, text and layout and to send us the files such as photos, videos, sound.... which you want on your site (Please do take the copyright laws into account).
  • You also need to mention if you need us to set up email addresses on your domain, and what name(s) you want before the '@' part, you also need to let us know if you only need webmail or if we need to configure te afdress(es) in an email client.
  • Upon receipt of your order we ask you to pay a deposit of half of the total price, when we receive the deposit we will start the work. We will let you know when the job is finished and upon payment of the balance we will make the site live.
Our promise to you:
  • You get a one year guarantee,support, adjustments and updates to your website at no extra cost.
  • We will also constantly make sure that the latest software is running on the server (eg. PHP, Blog, Forum...).
  • The above, however, excludes damage to the site caused by mistakes made by yourself, viruses or hacking which occurred because of insufficient security your end or the end of the hosting firm.
  • After the first year you can get further support at 15 a year.
When you are ready to order, click here. Should you have any further questions, please use the contact form.